The answer is yes, but it has limitations. Generally, magnesium oxide board is used for interior walls. Although it can also be applied to exterior walls, it is not recommended to expose it directly to the outdoors. Direct sunlight, wind and rain may shorten the service life of the boards.

I. Installation of MgO boards for exterior walls.

1. Use self-tapping screws to secure the board to the keels. The minimum distance between the screws and the edge is 15 mm and the max distance between the screws is 300 mm. See the picture below to check the specific data.

use MgO board outdoors

2. Due to dimensional deviation, temperature and humidity, 3-5 mm expansion joints are required between the boards. The caulking paste and the reinforced seam tape are used to fill the gap.

3. When used for exterior walls, MgO board is generally used as a wall structure and does not bear the waterproof and insulation functions, which are required for the finished wall. You can use rock wool, polyurethane, EPS, phenolic foam board and other materials for insulation. In the end, mortar and waterproof treatment should be applied to the insulation layer according to the construction requirements.

II. Outdoor application cases

Throughout the years we received many pictures from our customers of using MgO boards outdoors. Check pictures below.

use mgo board outdoors

use mgo board outdoors

use mgo board outdoors