Magnesium Oxide Board

Suparna has been producing quality MgO board for over 16 years. MgO board is an upgraded product that replaces wood board and gypsum board. The service life of Suparna MgO board can reach at least 25 years for indoor application.

Highlight: Not Sweating

Since 2010 Denmark has witnessed a great loss of over EUR100 million caused by unqualified MgO “sweating board”. Different from those, Suparna MgO boards are halogenide resistant and will not sweat because of the soaking process, as shown in the video.

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    Our Recent Projects

    Production Line

    Mgo Board Manufacturing

    Material Preparation

    Input data of raw materials according to the formula

    Mgo Board Manufacturing


    Transfer raw materials to the mixer and mix them evenly

    Mgo Board Manufacturing

    Board Production

    Add non-woven fabric, fiberglass mesh and slurry to make board

    Mgo Board Manufacturing

    Curing Phase I

    Control temperature and humidity to solidify the board

    Mgo Board Manufacturing


    Use the demolding machine to separate board from the template

    Mgo Board Manufacturing

     Curing Phase II

    Boards warm up due to chemical reaction for about seven days

    Mgo Board Manufacturing


    Soak the boards into pools for releasing chemicals that shorten the service life

    Mgo Board Manufacturing


    Place boards under the sun until they are completely dry and turn white

    Mgo Board Manufacturing


    Use machine to cut boards into smaller pieces according to the requirements