Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium oxide board is made of natural materials such as inorganic substances, plant fibers. It is environmentally friendly, healthy, and pollution-free, with no asbestos, formaldehyde, and radiation. 

Highlight: Halogenide Resistant

Suparna MgO board is durable and safe due to its excellent halogenide resistance.

Since 2010 Denmark has witnessed a great loss of over EUR100 million caused by unqualified MgO board. Different from those, Suparna MgO boards are halogenide resistant by soaking process, as shown in the video.

Certificates & Test Reports

In order to make sure of stable quality, Suparna adheres to strict product quality standards and has its products certified. At present, we have CE and ISO9001 certificates, SGS test reports for halogenide resistance and component analysis.

Suparna values customer’s demand most. So far, we served customers from Europe, America, Asia and many other districts. To ensure the smooth promotion of the business, apart from the above existing certificates and test reports, Suparna can also provide other certificates according to customer’s requirements and regulations of importing country.


Color: White/grey
Density:650-1000 kg/m3
Edge: Square/tapered/beveled
Fireproof Grade:A1
Bending Strength:18-27 Mpa
Impact Strength≥1.5 kJ/m2
Thermal Resistance:1.14m2k/w
Sound Insulations >44dB
Water Absorption:15%
Water Content ≤8%
Dry Shrinkage≤0.3%
Wet Expansion≤0.6%

* The above table is for the regular product. Do let us know if you have a special request.

ItemsMgO BoardCalcium Silicate BoardGypsum Board
Fire ResistanceA1A1B
Water ResistanceExcellentExcellentBad
Density0.9—1.3 g/cm21.3—1.5 g/cm21.2—1.3 g/cm2
Impact Strength≥4.5KJ≥3.5KJ≤1KJ
Flexural Strength≥20MPa≥14MPa≤9MPa
Thermal Conductivity0.64W/m2(W/m2·k)0.53W/m2(W/m2·k)0.61W/m2(W/m2·k)
Thermal Expansion2.6×10-7MM/C(MM/K)7.5×10-7MM/C(MM/K)6×10-7MM/C(MM/K)
Facing Material CompatibilityExcellentExcellentBad
Construction ConvenienceExcellentNormalNormal
Environmental ProtectionNo toxic substancesasbestos contained/
CostNormal costHigh costLow cost

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