MgO board has excellent performance. It is shown as follows:

Fire resistant

Magnesium oxide board has good fireproof performance. It is non-combustible. The flame continuous burning time is zero. It will not burn at 800 °C, and there is no flame at 1200 °C, reaching the highest non-flammable class A1. Together with the partition system made of high-quality keel, the fire-resistant limit can be up to 3 hours above. It can absorb a large amount of thermal energy in the process of burning fire and delay the increase of ambient temperature.

Water and moisture repellent

In dry cold and wet days, the performance of magnesium oxide board is always stable, not affected by the condensation of water droplets and moist air. It can be taken out and naturally dried even if be put in water and soaked for a few days. It will not become deformed and soft, and can be used normally, with no occurrence of moisture absorption and re-halogenation.

Light weight and earthquake proof

The apparent density of the magnesium oxide board is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the construction load, reducing the weight of the building’s interior walls by more than 60%, and increasing the use area by 5-8% at the same time. The light weight is beneficial to earthquake resistance, and effectively reduces the cost of main body of the foundation and structure.

Environmentally friendly and healthy

The magnesium oxide board absolutely does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements, and it is smoke-free, non-toxic and odor-free in case of fire. The materials for production are natural mineral powders and plant fibers. It is naturally maintained in the production process, with low energy consumption and no effluent. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When used, the board surface will not drop powders. Its unique natural pore structure can regulate room temperature, making your home and office more comfortable.

mgo board features

Thermal insulation and energy saving

The magnesium oxide board is dense, inorganic and has uniform fine pores. The thermal conductivity is 0.216w/cm•k, which is more insulative than the 1.1w/cm•k of the limesand brick block, decreasing energy consumption, to keep the comfortable room environment and fresh air.

Excellent cost performance

Quality high-grade magnesium oxide board is stable and reliable. Compared with other magnesium oxide boards, it has the ultimate cost performance, with light weight and affordable price. It also has excellent processing and installation performance, which means it can be pasted, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, planed, and easily transported. It has excellent toughness and is not easy to break. You can not only use self-tapping screws, gun nails and straight nails for easy installation, but also adopt wet and dry hang operations.

Sound insulation

The superior soundproofing performance of the magnesium oxide board ensures quiet and elegant living environment. Lightweight and thin board does not affect its soundproof performance. The noise resistance of the 6mm board is 29dB. The noise resistance of the partition system of the double-sided single layer 9mm magnesium oxide board + 75mm keel +50mm rock wool is above 42dB. Its unique uniform pore structure is unmatched by other magnesium oxide board with dense structure.


The scientific formulation has completely solved the problem of magnesite’s moisture absorption and re-halogenation. Its strength increases with time. It can resist corrosion, acid and alkali, and has small changes in thermal expansion and contraction. Its dry shrinkage rate is no more than 0.3%, and the wet expansion rate is no more than 0.6. %, with -40 °C frost resistance. Over a decade, the magnesium oxide boards are strong, durable, and long-lived.

Insect and mould proof

Inorganic mineral powder makes the magnesium oxide board anti-mould, anti-bacterial, anti-insect and anti-termite, and it meets the anti-mould standards for building materials in Europe and America.

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